• Silver Line is a success for Tysons, Reston is next

    by  • July 28, 2015 • CRE, General

    Tysons Corner Station Silver LineWashington Post ran an article today on the anniversary of the Silver Line and its impact on the communities in which the new stations reside. I had a chance to speak with the reporter, Tracy Krulik, on this story to help provide insight from the real estate community. When speaking with Tracy, she told me it was surprising to hear from the various folks she was talking too that Tysons, opposed to Reston, was getting most of the boost in visitors and demand. Reston’s time will come though, especially when the second phase takes the Silver Line out to Dulles Airport and the Comstock project, Reston Station, is completed. Building density at metro stations is always a good bet to build demand, and Tysons already provided that density (and demand) with Tysons Corner Center.


    Metro is going through a bit of a struggle though, ridership continues to be unimpressive, as metro deals with scandals, setbacks and deterioration. The Silver Line, being new, is somewhat of an exception to the ‘quality control’ issues plaguing metro, but the ridership patterns are surprising. You can take a look here, using data visualization provided by planitmetro.com


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